Kitchen Tour


In our home we like to keep things simple, and intentional. While we aren't minimalists (don't go snooping through my junk drawer!), we like our decor to be beautiful, but also practical. Today I wanted to give you a quick tour of our kitchen.



I love creating blank space when I'm putting together a room. It just allows the space to breathe a bit. The same goes fro the color white. I just love how it makes things pop. This green rolling hills watercolor on our vent hood jumps out at you thanks to all the white surrounding it.



On our floating shelves, we have an eclectic selection of clear jars, paired with rolling pins, books, and copper which are all in that warm, cozy color family. Light some candles, and voila! You have created the cutest, most welcoming space to sip your coffee. When it comes to decor, one thing that is super important to me is not to have cheap, or cluttered decor. So when I created all my art, I wanted it to be purposeful, AND beautiful. This sweet Coffee Guide sets the mood for the space, without looking tacky.



An example of our "Minimal, but Intentional" style can be seen by the way we display our pots on the wall. When we took our upper kitchen cabinets down, we needed more storage. So we installed a pot rack (tutorial HERE) Paired with our chalkboard Kitchen Conversion Chart, this space looks nice, but it is also functional.



Here's a view of some fresh veggies I just collected from our garden. Nothing like a little harvest to set the mood in a kitchen.



Here are a few of the pieces from this space: