Letter Board Installation

How To Hang Your Letter Board:

1. Measure out Spacing. We used our shiplap to space out each letter ledge. We reccomend 6" between each row (measured from the bottom of one ledge, to the bottom of the next ledge)

2. Our sawtooth hangers are spaced 16" apart, which is the standard width between studs. Locate your studs in the location you want to hang your letter board.

3. Hammer your nails exactly 16" apart for each row. Make sure they are as snug to the wall as you can get them, and then carefully slide the sawtooth hangers onto the nails for a snug fit. You may need to PRESS your letter board towards the wall when attaching it to the wall.

If your letter board ledges are protruding or leaning outward from the wall, then the nail isn't close enough to the wall and will need to be hammered more.

We reccomend using a level to make sure each row of nails is straight.

OPTIONAL: What To Do If Your Letter Board Is Leaning Away From The Wall:

Using normal nails, level out two spots about 16" apart. Leave nail protruding just slightly further out than the width of the letter board. In addition to securing the sawtooth hangers to the wall, prop the letter board ledge on top of the two nails for a tight and level display.