Our Walk In Butler's Pantry

Hi Friends! I have a fun Pantry Tour to share with you today! If you want to see a detailed post with all the sources & products we used to build it, you can go HERE.

If you want to see just how bad this space was before we ripped out the floor, the molding, scrapped the ceiling (the list goes on and no) and added a wall, check out this post HERE.

This space features our Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly Series.

I have wanted a walk in pantry for the longest time. So when we decided to take down the upper cabinets in our kitchen, I knew that I didn't want to add new ones. I wanted a walk in pantry instead. If you go past the kitchen into the back of the house, there was a weird bump in space next to the laundry room. So even though it was a few steps out of the kitchen, I knew that this was the perfect spot for my panty.

Silas built up a wall to enclose it, and we opted to leave the space open, using a wider casing, becuase I knew that this pantry was going to be an amazing focal point.

DIY Organized Walk In Modern Farmhouse Butler's Pantry Makeover With Floating Shelves - Using Crate & Pallet and Home Depot Brackets

I wanted some super heavy duty shelving.

DIY Organized Walk In Modern Farmhouse Butler's Pantry Makeover With Floating Shelves - Using Crate & Pallet, Home Depot Brackets

When using 1" lumber shelves they recommend the spacing be 24" – 28" max between two brackets. But since we used 2" thick lumber, we only had to use two brackets per shelf, spacing them about about 48 in" apart. It is reccomend to use #10 screws for installation. Quick tip on spacing- measure the jars and large items you intend to use in your pantry. Add a couple inches of overhead for easy access, and install your shelves based on how much space you will need.

A pair of these brackets could hold a 200 lb, so these shelves aren't going anywhere.

Our everyday meals are mostly cooked from scratch, so this pantry is really intended to hold all our dry ingredients and nonperishables. Paired with our fresh summer garden, we eat some super yummy homemade meals in this house.

When I'm running low on something it's never been easier to eyeball my stash (or snap a photo of it) and make a grocery list. Everything is out in the open, so I have a much easier time remembering what I need to shop for. The shelves go all the way up to the ceiling, so I made sure to include a stool for when I have to grab something on the top shelves. You can't see it super well, but there is a TON of canned food up on the top shelves.

You know that scene in Beauty and the Beast where Belle is swinging around on a ladder in the library....? Yeah, that's basically how I feel about this space. It's so big, and I ended up being able to add some dishes & pretty things in there too.

The new wall between our laundry room and this pantry was the perfect place to add my Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly canvases!

This crate is where I put all the random small stuff: Hot sauce, peanut butter, cake mixes, etc. I also have some canned goods in there too. Do you see my homemade vanilla? It's soooo good. My spices are right next to my stack of plates. Each lid has a chalkboard top with the name of each spice written on it with a chalkboard marker.

For the most part, everything in the jars are ingredients we use on a daily basis.

I also wanted a space to put all my root vegetables. This dark corner of the pantry is the perfect pace for potatoes, onions, and yes! Even pumpkins from my garden.

So there you have it! Our DIY Butler's Pantry.

Head on over HERE for all the linked sources from this space.