Our Laundry Room Tour

There is nothing like a pretty laundry room to... nope... still don't want to do laundry.

Hi Everyone! I thought it would be fun to share a quick tour of our laundry room. If you want to see a photo of the before, head on over HERE.


This space features pieces from our Hand Lettered Laundry Room Collection.

We opted for an "old fashioned" top loader washer machine, which meant that we couldn't do a folding counter all the way across. But we still managed a small butcher block on the side above our storage shelf.

I made this chalkboard all the way back when we lived in base housing while my husband served in the USMC. So it was super fun to include it under my floating shelves.

Here's a quick view of how the pantry and laundry room are situated next to each other.

Fun fact about this door- its several hundred years old and came out of a local farmhouse. I stripped it down to the bare wood and sealed it. I love how it looks hanging on the barndoor track in front of our laundry room.


I made this cute peg hook for our brooms and cleaning supplies out of scrap wood, and some dowel rods.

This "Wash Dry Fold *Last Part Optional" piece was actually the first piece I hand-lettered for House Hathaway. 

We use this rolling castor wheel laundry bin to collect clean loads of laundry from the dryer.

Once they have piled up substantially, I go ahead and fold/put them away.

I have cleaning supplies in these amber bottles.

So there you have it! Our renovated laundry room- which still doesn't motivate me to fold laundry.