DIY Letter Board Book Wall


Today I am going to show you how I created this fun book wall around our Letter Board.



You will need:

  • -Letter Board
  • - Old Books (I used a mix of old paperbacks and some antique hardcover ones)
  • -Double Sided Tape
  • -Heavy Duty Command Strips
  • -Stapler or Nail Gun (Optional)



I started by using double sided tape to attach single pages to the wall. The most important thing I found was to stagger the books and pages so that there were gaps here and there, otherwise it will look too crowded. To attach heavier books start off securing them to the wall with command strips. In the tutorial video, I just used command strips, but once you are sure you like the placement and look of your book wall you can always go back and secure the hanging books using a nail gun or stapler.



The next step is to come up with some fun quotes to go up on your Letter Board. 



We used to have a BEAUTIFUL DIY wreath around our letter board, but I love how this book wall changed up the look of the space.

Want to create a space like this? It's so fun! To start you off, here's the link to our Limited Edition Letter Boards: 



 Each Letter Board is handmade: from our family, to yours. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!